Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rocky Hill Portland

Per Christian's reply to this post last week, I finally made it out to Rocky Hill, an old rock quarry by Morrill's Corner, for some unique skyline views. I actually read Christian's post on the Vigorous North about this little-known area back in late 2007 and have been meaning to explore it for quite a while. This past weekend was a good opportunity!

Feel free to click any of these to get a larger view, it's worth it on the skyline shots.

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  1. Wow great skyline pics!

  2. Thanks! It is a lovely view. I hope to make it back up there in the summer.

  3. Wow! Bring back the memories. I grew up in the area. The Wok was a Howdy's back in the late 60's. As a kid we'd be all over Rocky Mountain (what we called it as kids). Even as teens we'd escape up there with a six pack or some country quencher. lol! Great pics, thank you!