Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So this morning I finally registered http://portlandmainedailyphoto.com via godaddy. I would have liked portlanddailyphoto.com but it is registered to someone in Portland, Oregon for another few years. They have yet to put up any sort of site by the way.

Anyhow, what does this mean to you? Not much (if anything?)!

The site is still at http://portlandmainedaily.blogspot.com, and the domain I registered is just forwarding to the current site. If you have the site bookmarked or are subscribed to the RSS feed, there is no need for action. I hope it will make it slightly easier to find the site and will add a hint of credibility despite being hosted for free on blogger. It also leaves the option of someday adding a hosting plan and possibly migrating to the slightly greener grass of wordpress. In the meantime, tell your friends/family/random strangers that they should check out 'portland maine daily photo dot com!'

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