Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Name Game

Portland's newly announced Developmental League (D-league) basketball team is looking for feedback on a new name. See here for details on voting.

The choices are:

Maine Beacons
Maine Crushers
Maine Claws
Maine Destroyers
Maine Red Claws
Maine Swarm
Maine Traps

The site lists a brief description of each name, from the slightly lame:

Maine Destroyers- The Destroyers name honors the 400 years of shipbuilding in
Maine. It is a vibrant part of Maine’s culture and history, and also
represents our teams desire to destroy the competition.

To the pretty interesting:

Maine Red Claws- The Red Claws name celebrates the lobster industry in
Maine. Maine is the largest producer of lobsters in the United
States. The “Red” is in tribute to Boston Celtics Legend Arnold "Red"

Go Red Claws!

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