Thursday, March 5, 2009

Museum Attendance Record

As reported in various places, the museum of art recently broke attendance records as a result of their current exhibit, "Backstage Pass: Rock & Roll Photography."

From this blog at the Press Herald website:

During the First Friday Art Walk on Feb. 6, almost 3,500 attended the
exhibition. "We just don't get density like that in our public buildings in
Maine. It's like being in Heathrow Airport in London or Grand Central terminal
in New York. It's very unusual, and a different kind of feel," Denenberg said.

According to wikipedia, Grand Central has over 500,000 visitors a day which is almost half the population of Maine. So maybe it's not quite as crowded, but this is definately great news for the museum! The Rock & Roll exhibit runs until March 22nd. Perhaps museum attendneces historially increases during bad economies similar to how more people go to the movie theater?

Also, check out the Museum of Art Blog.

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