Monday, March 9, 2009

Have it your way - Reader requests

Would you like to see a photo of somewhere or something specific in Portland?

There are lots of areas of the city that I have yet to take photographs of so I would be interested to hear any suggestions that you may have.

Leave your request by commenting on this post and I will likely use all of your recommendations!


  1. You should climb Rocky Hill, the pile of rocks at the end of Quarry Road near Morrill's Corner. It's got a unique vantage point of the downtown skyline from across Back Cove, plus White Mtn. views in the opposite direction.

    Also, Martin's Point and the Marine Hospital? Thompson's Point?

  2. Some pictures of the various row houses in the West End would be nice. Maybe a nice panoramic night time skyline too...but I don't want to get greedy ;)

  3. Your pictures are always a treat for me since we seem to share an appreciation for this urban landscape. But since you asked:

    - The USM campus green around Payson and the Alumni house. This might be better in the spring.

    - The eastern, sparsely inhabited side of Peaks Island

    - More of the Arts District and Old Port

    - The new Osher Map Library


  4. Graffiti spots under 295 overpass, near veranda st., the legal graffiti wall, theres a couple warehouses in back of wok inn loaded with stuff also.

    i would like to see the nitty gritty, the homeless, the drunkards who take up the old port after dark. This is a very nice city, and a very nice city to live in but lately i hear all of these complaints about things that go on in public space. more love less hate.