Founded on January 1st, 2008, this blog of my photography has had over 2,000,000 views from visitors all around the world (as of March 2020). I was born in Portland, grew up not far away, and have lived on the peninsula now since 2007. My passion for photography grew with this blog and it remains one of my main creative outlets and a way to stay connected to the city and its people. 

As my hobby grew into a side business, I launched Corey Templeton Photography in 2011 and that is where much of my work can be purchased in print or digital form or licensed for commercial use. I also post a lot of my photos on my Flickr.

Partial listing of clients that have licensed my photos: Portland Magazine, L.L. Bean, Downeast Magazine,  Eater, The City of Portland, The Boulos Company, WEX, Portland Public Art Committee,  USA Today, The Washington Post and more. I have some visual examples of my published work here.

All photos on this blog are property of Corey Templeton unless otherwise noted. Any and all inquires can be addressed to: coreytempleton@gmail.com.

Below photo by Roger:
Corey Templeton