Thursday, March 6, 2008

Remember when?

A few postcards from last summer. (Click for larger versions)

I went in and updated my photomap, link in upper-right corner, the other day. I had been slacking awhile due to not being able to remember how to use the application. But it's all set now.

Just a quick hello to members of the City Daily Photo community, whose members are a majority of my visitors here. I am still trying to 'get out' more and visit all of your blogs as often as possible, there is some great talent out there!

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  1. Hi there, Corey. And so good to be able to comment again. I was trying to make some comment here and there, this morning but... Damn thing wouldn't let me. I got so mad, I got off line.

    Which is not the worst of things to do on a Sat. morning! ,-)