Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Postcards from Portland #1

Portland's largest public park is named so because of the abundance of Oak trees on the premises. It has a large pond (also used in the winter as skating rink), an amphitheater, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, tennis courts, and things of that sort.

Some Wikipedia info on Portland's Deering Oaks Park....

The area was the site of a September 1869 battle between the British, French, and Native Americans. The City of Portland largely acquired the land from the Deering, Preble, and Fessenden families in 1879 as part of the rebuilding following the devastating 1866 fire. The pond in Deering Oaks at one time filled and drained with the ocean tides; it was naturally connected to Back Cove until altered to suit roadways in the late 19th Century. Deering Oaks also hosts the city's monument to the Spanish-American War. .

Good to know!


  1. That must be the world's nicest squirrel park if it has all those oak trees. Wow.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  2. And now it is bordered by a grody highway.