Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Headlight

A pretty standard side-mirror shot taken while driving on Congress Street, towards Munjoy Hill this evening. I wasn't going quite as fast as it may appear.
Most streets in the area are 25mph zones (4o kpm for the metric system folks).

Site News 3/16/2008

My blog was recently mentioned in a Press Herald blog by Justin Ellis. (which I happen to check out pretty often) I'm down near the bottom here. Very neat!

I have separated my links to the left side of the page into one section for local blogs and another for 'other local sites.' If you have something that fits into one of these categories, just let me know and I will probably add it. Thanks to the other local bloggers who have added my link also!


  1. Pretty neat to get a mention. I have tried to take this kind of picture. I do not have the hand-eye coordination to pull it off.

  2. cool photo, and congrats on the media attention!

  3. Congratulations on being noticed!!! :-)

  4. I forgot to tell you Congratulations!