Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Redo - Exchange Street Moment

I've recently been going through my extensive photographic archives from the last few years, trying to pick out photos to add to my new photography website []. In addition to picking photos to add to my site and editing them to be suitable for selling, I am coming across a lot of photos that I shared here in the past that could have been edited differently. Here is an example. This is from Exchange Street last summer:

And here it is with a fresh perspective and color:


  1. Corey, What do you think? The b&w version packs a punch that I find missing from the color. I'm locked in on the people in the monotone version, which is where I find the story in your photo. The color allows me to wander, losing focus. Any other thoughts?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jim. Hmmm, I do think the B&W version does have more of a 'punch' because adding all the color seems a little distracting at first. I do like the bright yellow flower pot in front of the man in the window though. If I had to pick one I would stick with the B&W.