Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eats: The Works Bakery Cafe

This is not a food blog, but I do eat sometimes so I think it's okay to occasionally share that here. This isn't as much of a review as it is an overview, because I don't feel qualified to judge. [/preface]

I dined at The Works Bakery Cafe location on Temple Street this rainy Saturday morning with my girlfriend. Located on the ground floor of the parking garage that also houses the Nickelodeon Theater, The Works has a pretty comfortable space. I recommend dining outside when it is not raining and warmer than 35 degrees.

The Works offers a variety of breakfast and lunch items, made from "pure and natural ingredients."  I had a bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich on a plain bagel while my breakfast partner had a plain bagel with cream cheese. The coffee is, I think, there own concoction.

I give The Works a thumbs up, on a scale of thumbs down to thumbs up. Tasty and not too pricey.


  1. "ehhhh, that looks really good, is that a bagel....I like bagels"

    -my girlfriend upon seeing the picture

  2. I appreciate the SeaBags product placement

  3. Ah. The old home of Green Mountain Coffee. [memories]

  4. Before I moved to Canada, we used to do Sunday morning brunches at "The Works". I highly suggest their tuna and the Dagwood...if they still serve both of's been a while. Thanks for the reminder!!