Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter Cobblestones

A view of the cobblestones on Fore Street after a light snow.


  1. Words can't express how flippin' AWESOME this picture is. Whoa. -kw

  2. Thank you! I enjoy documenting the various cobblestones and bricks around town and just happend to notice that someone was walking on the opposite sidewalk which made this photo interesting enough to share.

  3. I know, right? There is an essence, a spirit emanating from the image which conveys to the audience the subtle brilliance which Portland embodies. And it's especially interesting how each space between the stones seems to create its own line of perspective, though whichever one my eye follows brings me to the same point within the image: the acutely obtuse curb. Though had the image been cropped just before the curb so that it only captured the paving stones there would still be a fluidity, a perpetual quality about it that evinces an atmosphere of motion and of substance from the individual nature of the snow patterns on the stones, and furthermore from the inconsistencies in color and depth evidenced by the upper third of the piece being lighter. This work is effortless and untethered by any inherent content to date it, which at the same time it possess a heartbreaking duality that prevents it from existing at any other point in time. In other words then, if this vibrant, exciting piece of simplicity were to be re-contextualized then it would be fundamentally altered in an irreparable way. The time and place in which it exists bring in equal amount to the photograph as what the image implores of its snapshot of time.

    Truly lovely, Cory. A solid B