Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reader Photos - December 2012

Time again to share some excellent reader-submitted photos. Want to share your photos with readers of this blog?  Submit your Portland-themed photos to the Portland Daily Photo Flickr Group or the blog's Facebook Page. You can also email a photo or two directly to me.

Casco Bay Tunnel by Sean Flaim. Check out Sean's site here: www.seanthomasflaim.com.
Stroudwater Waterfall by Nancy Ciocca
Casco Bay Kayak by Zach Beane
Untitled by Gborn207
Fog by Paul Noble
Portland Harbor - Sunrise Through Rigging by Kvell of It 
Western Prom Sunset Pano by Michelle Doyle
As always, thanks to all the contributors!


  1. too funny, i am the kayak-er and i have photos i took from the boat that morning

  2. Thanks for the comment Anonymous, that is pretty funny! You should submit your photos from that day for my next "reader photos" post.

  3. As a Los Angeles resident who spent a lot of time in Portland growing up, I enjoy your blog and the wonderful memories it brings back. Nancy Ciocca's "Stroudwater Waterfall" is especially meaningful to me, as I lived in the old building on the right for several summers in the late 1970s and early '80s. It was once the studio of Walter Griffin, a noted impressionist who lived in a small but charming home adjacent to the studio. Both properties were later owned by my grandmother, who was Griffin's niece, by marriage. It was great to see that the old studio is still standing!