Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Skywalks of Portland

I recently embarked on a journey to photograph all of Portland's skywalks. This was a quick journey,because there are only three (that I am aware of) and they are not too far away from each other. 

The newest of Portland's skywalks, the Alumni Skywalk at the University of Southern Maine. This skywalk goes over Bedford street, connecting the Abramson Center the academic buildings on the other side of the street.

This skywalk over Cumberland Avenue connects the (former) Public Market House, now home to private company PowerPay, with the Public Market House Parking Garage. 
And lastly, this skywalk high above Congress Street connects the several Maine Medical Center buildings and corresponding parking garages. There is some temporary scaffolding in place in this picture.

Edit - Based on a comment to this post (thanks!), I will also throw in a picture of one of the skywalks at the Portland Company Marine Complex off of Fore Street. There are a couple of industrial-style skywalks down here that connect the complex.


  1. How about at the Portland Company?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous. I actually thought about including that but wasn't sure if it counted. I am updating my post to include a photo of that spot that I took back in September. I bet there are a few other "industrial skywalks" like this around town.