Monday, January 30, 2012

Reader Photos - January 2012

I received some great photo submissions this past month so I will combine them into one post. If people continue to submit photos, I could see this becoming a regular monthly feature! You can check out some previous reader-submitted photos here and also by visiting my Flickr group. Here are the most recent submissions, in no particular order.

These first two are by David T., who visits the blog from Omaha, Nebraska. He got these two photos from a trip on the Casco Bay Lines mailboat run, which is a great cruise for locals and visitors alike. These photos make me look forward to warmer weather (and I don't mind the rain)!

Curvature by David T.

Yellow Boat and Cottage by David T.

This next one comes from Flickr user Sheldoyle and was taken after our last snowfall. You can check out her photostream here!
Friday by Sheldoyle

These two photos from the Old Port are from JaneinMaine1 on Flickr. You can view her photos here. 

Segway Tours, Portland, Maine by JaneInMaine1
Old Port, Portland, Maine by JaneInMaine1

And here are two winter-themed submissions from Tom Whitney. Check out his Flickr stream here and his photography website here

Ribbons by Tom 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Tom Whitney

Thanks for sharing David, Shel, Jane, and Tom! If you would like to share some photos with the readers of this blog, feel free to add them to my Flickr group or send them to me via email. I'm happy to help promote other local photographers and link back their work. 

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