Monday, January 9, 2012

Mariner's Church

The Mariner's Church building on the corner of Fore and Moulton Streets in the Old Port. The building is now home to the Mariner's Church Banquet Center, as well as the Old Port Tavern, Old Port Tavern Billiards, and a few retail shops along Fore Street. According to the banquet center's informational website:
The Mariner’s Church Building was constructed in 1828. It was a building reared for the moral and religious instruction of a much neglected but valuable and interesting class of the community. After “The Great Fire of Portland” in 1866 which damaged much of the building, the Mariner’s Church was saved from demolition in 1969 when the entire block was purchased by C.H. Robinson. In 1973 the Old Port Tavern opened as a restaurant and bar proving that Portland was not just another nine to five town. That same year the Mariner’s Church was declared a National Landmark by the Smithsonian Institute. Our upscale billiards hall opened in 1986 and is available for open or private parties upon customer’s request. 

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