Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Woodford's Corner Dining

I was out in the Woodford's Corner area last weekend. It's rare for me to venture outside of the peninsula with my camera so I had to take some photos. Here are a couple of picks for dining options at the corner.

Big Sky Bread Company is a bakery at 536 Deering Avenue, located in an old firehouse. Check out some reviews at Urbanspoon. They also have a location in the Public Market House in Monument Square and peddle their goods at local supermarkets.  I enjoy their English muffin bread products.

And the Bayou Kitchen is located across the street from Big Sky, at 543 Deering Avenue. I've never been but the menu looks tasty and it has a solid rating at Urbanspoon.

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  1. This used to be at one time a nightclub named "Coynes", in the 70's. It was loud , smoky and boozy with many "knock-down, drag out" fights where the police were called. It started out as Coynes Restaurant, but eventually morphed into a nightclub venue.

    John French