Friday, July 24, 2009

Museum of Art

Just a picture from the main lobby of the Museum of Art. Free every Friday!


  1. Corey-

    I like the colors and shapes in your photograph, well done Corey.

    When I was recently in Portland, I took several images of your great city. I was wondering if you might consider having an image from a "guest photographer". I could send you a few images to see if you think they might work.


  2. Today is the perfect day to visit the museum!

    I'm pretty sure USM students get in free everyday if they show their ID.

  3. Oh, I miss that museum! And the jazz breakfasts down on the lowest level. Are they still going on?

  4. -A good rainy day for the Museum indeed, Derek.

    -Yep,they still have the jazz brunch on the weekends. Also, the 'movies on exchange' moved into the auditorium a few months ago and shows indie movies a couple times a month.

  5. the museum shows movies every weekend -I think the program is called "Movies at the Museum."

  6. Nice shot... the colors just work here!