Thursday, July 23, 2009

El Rayo

An exterior shot of El Rayo Taqueria on the corner of York and High Streets. I hear good things but have yet to dine there.


  1. I got takeout with my family there the week they opened. Would have liked to eat there, but they didn't accommodate kids who needed high chairs or boosters at the time.

    The beans were bland and undercooked, as was the rice. The chicken was the best cooked at any tex-mex place I've been to in Maine. They were rather busy and like I said it was their first week. Maybe they've improved.

  2. Thanks for the feedback derek. I heard that during the first week they were rather overwhelmed and actually had to close early a bunch of times. Glad to hear the chicken is good since I'm planning on trying the pollo burrito.

  3. One of my favorite things about Portland is the food. Now I have a new place to add to my list. Thanks.