Thursday, July 2, 2009

Know Your Blog - Walk Around Portland

My other blog, Walk Around Portland, was featured in this week's 'Know Your Blog' on the Press Herald's website by Justin Ellis.

In the introduction to the Know Your Blog series, Justin wrote:

"If there's one thing we love more than bacon on the NXT Desk, it's local blogs. But for the longest time we've struggled on how to incorporate them better around here. Many of you probably notice that when I'm away from the desk or otherwise incapacitated I try to get local bloggers to keep the shop running.

But I think we need something on a more regular basis, and until we get together an NXT blogroll (the page may not be able to handle any more heft), I'm introducing "Know Your Blog," a new feature where we'll spotlight local bloggers on a regular basis. If you've got or know of a great local blog, e-mail me or find me on Twitter with your ideas."

It is an honor to be among the first blogs profiled for this feature. The first two were HillyTown and The Sunday Best. Send Justin your suggestions via the links above.

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  1. I am very interested in your statement, perhaps we can work together