Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Woodford's Corner

I really liked the sky in this one. I didn't like all of the telephone lines but I also wasn't bave enough to stand in the middle of this busy intersection to get them out of the frame.

This shot is noteworthy for the fact that I rarely venture off of Portland's peninsula. The red dot below marks to location of this intersection. Perhaps as the weather improves I will make it out there more often.


  1. Fantastic shot, Corey! The sky is beautiful.

  2. I love that part of Portland. I used to be down there a lot. Not so much anymore. Great pic.


  3. Hi,

    We live off the peninsula and that intersection is one I pass often on my way to my home on Stevens Ave. As you note in another post, Rosemont Market has a branch off the peninsula on Brighton, not too far from the intersection above.

    In reality, the part of Portland off the peninsula, such as the various Deering neighborhoods and Back Cove, is Portland's best kept secret.