Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm sure it's enjoyable to give parking violation tickets to cars like this.


  1. Your own comment made lol. So true, but it is an awesome looking car.

  2. That is a Tesla Roadster, the first production all electric performance sports. This picture proves that people that drive expensive cars are "privileged" because of status, and hybrid/electric owners are "special" because of their green contribution, which makes the culmination of the two a thing of narcissistic beauty.
    I'm pretty sure its not a Mainer though because there is no front license plate, but I could be wrong because that infraction might be worth the ticket, just to maintain the sleek look.

  3. Good eye, Ian! I didn't walk by the rear of the car to see where it was from but I also wouldn't want to stick a license plate on the front of this car. I had to stop and take a look when I walked by (hence the picture) and everyone else that I saw walking by stopped for a long look also. Narcissistic beauty is a good phrase for these. I'd love to have one or two in my garage.