Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I will try to post a photo today when I get home from work.

In the meantime, I waned to mention the challenges which myself and other photo takers in the northern hemisphere likely face this time of year: Cold and Darkness. When I wake up, the sun is still rising and when I get home it is dark. It is cold all the time. These two conditions make it hard to take a lot of pictures this time of year. I post a few night shots every now and then, but I prefer daylight pictures due to how easy they are to take and how it's usually a little warmer during the day. I usually try to get out during the day on the weekends to take pictures and then post those pictures throughout the coming week or two. I much prefer the summer for photo taking when it's pretty warm all the time and it's perfectly light out until late in the evening. Anyone else face these challenges?


  1. I took a photo class back during the Spring semester of 2007, and yes, it was a challenge to get outside for good shots. Fortunately I was unemployed so all I had to contend with was the bitter cold and my own laziness.

  2. Shooting here in the winter is definitely a challenge, but it also offers some really unique opportunities that you don't get in the summer months, especially when there is snow or if you are near some frozen water! I've been thinking about this lately too, and trying to cope with it by giving myself things to go out and try to shoot, even when it's cold and I might prefer to stay inside. Also, it's a good time to find projects that may not involve the outdoors! (see my Masonic Temple and Port City Music Hall sets, for example!)

  3. I try to get out at lunchtime and take pictures, but many days the cold and deep shadows caused by the angle of the sun and tall buildings defeats me. Can't wait for spring and summer to come.

  4. Well, you can imagine the same troubles in Moscow :)
    However, I take pictures during lunch-time or even in the dark, and when the weather is too nasty to go outside there is always one or other attractive object indoors.

  5. Definitely longing for spring. I have a 45 minute commute to work so I don't see the daylight much at home. Would love to see some leaves and flowers adding a little color.

    I got to say though, nothing like a clear blue sky from a cold day.

  6. "It is cold all the time."

    couldn't have said it better myself.