Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I will try to post a photo today when I get home from work.

In the meantime, I waned to mention the challenges which myself and other photo takers in the northern hemisphere likely face this time of year: Cold and Darkness. When I wake up, the sun is still rising and when I get home it is dark. It is cold all the time. These two conditions make it hard to take a lot of pictures this time of year. I post a few night shots every now and then, but I prefer daylight pictures due to how easy they are to take and how it's usually a little warmer during the day. I usually try to get out during the day on the weekends to take pictures and then post those pictures throughout the coming week or two. I much prefer the summer for photo taking when it's pretty warm all the time and it's perfectly light out until late in the evening. Anyone else face these challenges?