Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Port City Music Hall

After a postponement of Saturday's grand opening show due to a delay in licensing, it looks like the PCMH is ready to open with tomorrow evening's show featuring Lovewhip, The Fire Water Band, Putnam Smith, and Jordan Valentine & The Sunday Saints. It starts at 8pm and tickets are $9 D.O.S. or $8 in advance. I do hope they do something with the front of their wonderfully located building (which houses The Stadium on the Free St. side). Maybe a big sign saying 'Port City Music Hall' or a marquee or something. Actually, a marquee would be wonderful. However, I doubt zoing laws would allow that.


  1. good news! There is a marquee in production - and, nonetheless, it has been approved by the city! It will be an old style theater marquee that juts out over the box office portion - and I think there are plans to continue it along the front of the facade. We've been awarded a grant by the city for "facade improvement" for a portion of the cost. It's going to be several weeks however. Meanwhile just that blank facade.... Display cases will be going up in windows v. soon for large-format show-specific posters. See you Thursday - don't miss Putnam - he goes on first with cellist Seth Yentes.

  2. Thanks for commenting Ceci. Wow! I am quite surprised that the city is allowing a marquee. That will be a great touch.

  3. Enjoyed Derek Trucks Band , but stage is to low,Could not see Band well from back and you could use a few more bar tendders.