Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wanted: Internet Expert

I am no expert on the matter and am hoping that maybe someone out there has some ideas on this matter.

The subject: Google Image Search

Issue: A good example of this isssue is if you search for 'Port City Music Hall' on google image search. The 4th result is currently a picture of me, the picture on my blog in the 'about me' section. Below the photo of me it says 'Port City Music Hall..." Clearly, my photo of this venue should show up here and not a picture of me. Am I doing something wrong when posting my images? If I remove the 'about me' section with my picture will I still have the 4th result but it will just be blank? There are many search phrases which show a picture of me instead of my blog.

The reward: You will be considered an Internet expert (by me at least).