Saturday, September 14, 2013

Boothby Square, Sunrise

A view of Boothby Square from early this morning. I've been challenging myself to get out for some sunrise photos once or twice a week and I have been happy with the results so far (and it's getting easier since the sun is rising later these days).

Portland, Maine Boothby Square Summer photo by Corey Templeton.


  1. Timeless photo Corey. Looks much better without the waves in the grass area IMO. And I like the street lights still being on as well.

    1. I agree, I like it better this way as well. I'd be okay with one or two temporary art pieces on the grass, but the simpler the better.

      Another benefit of shooting early in the morning, other than the streetlights still being on, is that there were no cars blocking the view of the old buildings.