Thursday, March 28, 2013

West End Life

A profile view of a house along the Western Promenade. I think this is considered georgian style architecture (let me know if I am wrong, I'd like to know what to call this style). 


  1. I believe it is a "Georgian style" home as well. There are many variations that stray from the strict definition of the Georgian style.

  2. This was my mother's house when she was growing up and I was told that is was designed by John Calvin Stevens:

    The page says he specialized in Colonial Revival style.

  3. Thanks for the comments, John and Kmuldoon! Yes, the style of the chimneys and brickwork seem like a match with the Colonial Revival style also. That must be it.

    I did a little digging around on the city's website and found that this house is 71 Bowdoin Street and it was built in 1907. Not able to determine the architect, but John Calvin Stevens was involved with a lot of homes around Portland so that seems completely plausible.

    Interesting tidbit: As of 2012, Rosa Scarcelli, CEO of a local housing company and 2010 Democratic candidate for Governor (lost in the primaries) lives here.