Monday, January 21, 2013

View from the Top

Here are a few quick shots from last night, taken from the top of Mt. Bayside, also known as the Bayside Glacier. This man made pile of (possibly toxic) snow is created every year by the City of Portland. Most of the snow that is removed from city streets and sidewalks via dump truck is moved to this currently empty lot for the winter. 

In a few years, this part of town may look drastically different with the addition of the "Midtown" development (formerly Maritime Landing), which was discussed in this recent Press Herald piece. Once completed, we may have 675 new market-rate housing units and 97,000 square feet of retail space spread over four 14-ish story buildings and two parking garages. 

Looking towards East Bayside and Munjoy Hill.
Looking back to the West (pardon the low image quality)

A view along Somerset Street showing the size of the Bayside Glacier.