Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Bayside

A standard view of the current skyline from across Back Cove:

And here is a hypothetical view of the future skyline, edited in photoshop, to include the new Midtown (formerly Maritime Landing) project that I mentioned yesterday. I did a guesstimate of the building heights and locations based on the rough rendering in this PPH article, so don't take it too literally:

(The building rendering is from here and the parking garage photo is from here)


  1. If I lived across Back Cove I would much prefer the first view!

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. It's just my artistic interpretation of the un-detailed sketch in that Press Herald article. I made sure to make the parking garages look as ugly as possible to reflect my opinion of them and of our terribly car-dependent culture in Maine.

    2. At least you're honest about creating a lie that may skew public opinion...

      Who knows? It could be an attractive structure like this garage in Lewiston:

    3. Thanks for the comment. Don't worry about me skewing public opinion, I assure you I don't have quite that many visitors to my blog! That specific garage in Lewiston isn't too bad looking, as far as garages go. My primary concern is less about the aesthetic appeal of parking structures and more about the impact they have when placed in an urban environment (or in the case of Bayside, an area that may someday become an urban environment). Since some amount of parking will have to be part of this Bayside project I hope that whatever is built is able to improve the neighborhood and not make it worse.

  3. Too bad they can't integrate the parking structures into the buildings. That would allow more space and look nicer.

  4. First they take down Union Station, and now everyone wishes it were back (rightly so); and now they want to put up ugly parking garages. Where's the architectural intelligence in Portland?