Sunday, September 9, 2012

Under Construction: September 2012

Here are some projects currently under construction in the city. There are several cool projects in the works, but for now we have a few less-exciting but overall positive projects taking shape. These first two photos are of the Pearl Place Phase II development by Avesta Housing in Bayside, at the corner of Pearl Street and Kennebec Street. 

These next two photos of are a Maine Housing project on the corner of Danforth and High Streets called Elm Terrace. This project also encompases the building at 68 High Street which is a former hospital and a current National Historic Landmark. 

And lastly here is the current state of things at the former Adams School site on Munjoy Hill. This lot will be developed into town houses by Avesta Housing. Per Munjoy Hill News the groundbreaking officially starts later this week. 

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  1. 68 High Street was the home to the University of Maine Law School as well for many years after the hospital, there was a building at the corner of High and Danforth as well (the Mussey Mansion), that was part of the hospital too. But when the university took the site, for some reason they razed the mansion.