Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reader Photos: September 2012

It's time for some more beautiful reader photos! These were all submitted to my Portland Daily Photo Flickr group. If you have a Flickr account and want to share your photos with readers of this blog then feel free to post your photos to my group. You can also email me your photos or send them to the official Portland Daily Photo Facebook group and I will include at least one of them in the next batch of reader photos.

Sunset in the Bug Light Park, by Zach Beane

Cool Fog, by ShelDoyle.

Gazing, by Wayupstream/Steve Stracqualursi

Photo by William F. Hallett 


  1. These are all really great, especially the first, second and fourth. Where is the third taken?

  2. The third photo is from inside the Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse in Portland Harbor.

  3. Correct, John. As noted on the photo's flickr page,, the photographer (Steve Stracqualursi) is friends with the owner of the lighthouse, which gave him this impressive photographic opportunity.