Monday, July 23, 2012

Before & After: Union Station

Portland's Union Station is the subject of this "before & after" post. This beautiful train station, made even more attractive based on what currently stands in its place, was built in 1888 and demolished in 1964. A positive outcome of this was the creation of Greater Portland Landmarks, which:

"...Promotes preservation and revitalization of historic buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes and encourages high-quality new architecture to enhance the livability and economic vitality of Portland and surrounding communities"

Black & White Photo of Portland, Maine Union Station before & after
Before photo via the Library of Congress website. 


  1. Such a sad transformation. My boyfriend has a sketch of the original tower falling during the demolition, it's heartbreaking that such a beautiful structure was replaced by a strip mall.

    Thanks for this post, I had no idea that Union Station was the reason for the Greater Portland Landmarks!

  2. Thanks for comment, Notables. In a perfect world perhaps we would have Greater Portland Landmarks and Union Station existing at the same time.