Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reader Photos (Round II) - April 2012

I've gotten a ton of photo submissions from readers lately, thanks! I truly enjoy seeing other people's perspectives of this city and am glad I have the opportunity to share them with my viewers.

Some of these were submitted to me via email and some were uploaded to the Portland Daily Photo Flickr Group. Since I got multiple submissions from some people, I will try keep it fair and post one photo from each contributor in this post. Here we go, in no particular order:

"Proselytizing." Taken in Tommy's Park by Flickr user maine_mike.  
By Flickr user TimothyPatrickMcMahon. Taken on a trail between the Ocean Ave dog park and the old city dump.
Untitled, by Flickr user george weatherbee.  A dramatic view towards Congress Square. 
"Portland Skate Park," by Flickr user wayupstream.  I have to check this place out someday. 
"Maquoit II," by Zach Beane on Flickr. 
"A Day of Winter," by Brandt Hatala. 

Cruising the East End, by Nick Power. This photo features the Flowfold Ipad Sleeve, which made out of recycled sailcloth and is produced locally on Peaks Island. 

"Never Enough," by Elizabeth Goodine. Taken outside of a watch shop on Exchange Street.
"Cake," by Flickr user Tom Whitney Photography. Taken on Wharf Street.

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  1. Thanks for posting my photo! It's an honor to be on your great site! - Tim