Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Portland Flea For All

Here's a little photographic preview of Portland's newest hot spot, the Portland Flea For All. It is located at 125 Kennebec Street in the heart of the Bayside neighborhood, which is just around the corner from Bayside Bowl and Trader Joe's (and a short walk from Monument Square). This modern flea market will feature all sorts of vendors, selling "everything from antique furniture to vintage clothing to handmade jewelry to classic vinyl."

I think this will be a big hit, especially given the amount of local crafters and buy-local connoisseurs in town. The grand opening is coming up on the weekend of April 14th and 15th, and it will be open every weekend thereafter from 10am-5pm. More details about the Flea For All and vendor applications are conveniently located on their website. Many thanks to the Flea's proprietors, Nathaniel and Erin, for giving me a tour of the space and for their efforts to enhance Portland's creative economy. These photos show an almost empty building, but come opening weekend it will be full of life. I will be sure to get some photos when it is open for business.

The first floor space. 

The 2nd Floor
Looking towards Marginal Way from the 2nd floor. 
The 3rd floor space with it's neat sloped ceiling
Along Kennebec Street (Ignore the no parking sign, there is plenty of parking if you travel by car).


  1. I am so pumped to see how this place turns out!

  2. This is lovely! I'm very excited to apply to be a vendor this summer and fall. Great space.

  3. Count me also among the very excited! I'm a big fan of the big flea market up in Brunswick, but we don't often make the trip. This is closer, and cooler.