Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oak Street Lofts

I attended an open house tour of the new Oak Street Lofts last weekend. The building is nearing completion and is looking great. It's located at 72 Oak Street, which is just off of Congress Street. The building consists of 37 efficiency apartments and is geared towards artists. In addition to some shared studio space, there is a gallery on the first floor for resident artists to display their work to the public 

Toward Congress Street from the second floor.

Towards Back Cove from the fourth floor.

The gallery space on the first floor.

I've been documenting this building's construction since before the foundation was poured and will probably put together a post of some photos in chronological order once it's all completed. Here's a photo in the meantime from back in April:


  1. I took the tour on Saturday also. Neat concept.

  2. Thanks for showing us these -- I've been curious...

  3. Thanks for the comments, Beth and Lauren!