Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mayoral Election Signs

A little mosaic of mayoral signs around town. All 15 candidates are represented. (Note -The John Eder sign is a picture taken of my computer screen because I haven't seen any Eder signs around town in the last several days. Also, some signs are cut off a little due to the automatic mosaic maker which saves time).


  1. I find this mosaic quite interesting - these signs displayed together provide a neat opportunity to compare the graphic design tactics of political advertising. Obviously red, white, and blue color schemes are popular, but who knew that green and yellow were also such coveted political sign colors? And I love the use of bold, often capitalized font..

  2. Thanks for the comment, notablesneartheshore! Good observations. There is indeed a good variety in their graphic design approaches. I was going to post each photo individually and comment on each sign but decided to just do this mosaic instead.

    A few quick observations: It was pointed out to me that Strimling's "He's proven we can do better" can be taken as "we can do better than Strimling." And in regards to Bragdon's "He is one of us," I wouldn't want someone like me as mayor, I want someone with more experience and mayoral abilities.