Thursday, October 27, 2011

Congress & North Streets

The intersection of Congress and North Streets on Munjoy Hill. Portland Observatory is on the left and Colucci's is on the right:

In Colucci's related news, they are now using my photo of their store that was published in the print and web versions of the Washington Post (link) a few years back as the image on their take-out menu. If anyone from Colucci's reads this, I would be happy to be compensated with a free slice of pizza. 


  1. you take such beautiful shots, i'm not surprised they kifed it! but yeah, some of that breakfast pizza free would be nice...

  2. You do take beautiful shots. And, I had NO idea on who to vote for in the mayoral election until I saw the photographer's endorsement on twitter!!

    Phew....thanks :)

    (good natured kidding)