Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photos for Food - September 2011

This post is to announce that Portland Daily Photo will be donating 1 cent for every unique visitor during the month of September to a local charity. It's not a million dollars, but it's something. The charity of the month will be Preble Street. Preble Street Resource Center is a well known local organization whose mission is " provide accessible barrier-free services to empower people experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty, and to advocate for solutions to these problems." You can read more about this organization at their website and I also encourage individuals to make their own donations to this organization or another of their choice if able. I will keep you updated on this project throughout the month.

Fine print - Portland Daily Photo (by Corey Templeton) will be donating 1 cent from each "unique visitor"  (as defined by website tracking) during the month of September 2011 to Preble Street. The donation will be made at the end of the month. The donation is limited to $100. Additionally, the amount donated will be eligible for a matching donation from a private source.

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