Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food: Taco Escobarr / Bam Bam Bakery / Plush West End

Here's some snapshots of a couple new  food places on the peninsula. First is Taco Escobarr at 548 Congress Street. Escobarr is a new venture by  the good  folks across the street at Nosh Kitchen Bar. So far this new eatery has a perfect 100% "like it" rating on Urban Spoon

Next in the "now open" category is Bam Bam Bakery at 267 Commercial Street. This fine looking bakery offers a wide variety of fresh baked goodies and is Portland's only (as of press time) gluten-free bakery. I think they will do well here. 

Also, on the topic of eateries, here is Plush West End Tapas and Lounge. This is at 106 High Street (former home of Katahdin Restaurant). It will be "opening soon," perhaps in September. Looks like they've been doing a lot of work inside.


  1. Great shot of Escobarr - we were going to check that out the other night, but after a couple of Nosh burgers decided better of it....both full and expensive! But great! Also, great shot off Chester Street of the sailboat and chairs. I always had an interest in the Plush space, when it was called, I think, just "Restaurant"--any idea what the theme/inspiration for the menu will be?

  2. edit - never mind, the link you provided told me the answer--to the extent there was an answer available.

  3. Looks Great! Can't Wait until you open...