Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Present and Future

Pictured above, the former L.L. Bean space on Congress Street. There are no solid plans that I know of for a new tenant (or tenants) as the space has only been vacant since the end of September. There is an Olympia Sports store directly to the right of where L.L. Bean was that may or may not be staying there for the long term now that the main tenant is gone.  I would like to see the building spruced-up by whoever it is that currently owns the buildings. I think they could even add a floor or two to the bring in some more income.

As far as future uses for the ground floor space, I would like to start the random rumor that a roller rink will be moving in. Based on the success of Bayside Bowl, I think a roller rink may fit in here. It will include a bar, restaurant, concert stage, and arcade room. Every Friday will be roller disco night.

Below, a street scene nearby on Free Street: