Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flashback: October 2008 & 2009

Time for a quick look into the archives. Here is one from that park on North Street that overlooks the peninsula, from 2008:
Duck watchers at Deering Oaks in 2008:

Forward to 2009, this is the view  from the bench in the first picture above (click it to view full size):

And also in 2009 I spent a day making this:


  1. As a young woman who grew up in Maine, lived in Portland for a number of years and now splits her time between Italy and NYC I just wanted to express how much i LOVE this Portland neighborhood map!!! YES!

  2. Hey you should make a tshirt. Let me know if you do. I'll buy.

  3. I'm with DAC, a t-shirt would be great!