Thursday, April 1, 2010

Franklin Crossing Trail

Here's a shot of the soon-to-be Franklin Crossing Trail, developed by Portland Trails. Similar in length to the Fort Allen Park trail that was completed last year, the Franklin Trail provides a safe crossing of Franklin Arterial between East and West Federal Streets. Federal Street used to be one continuous road before the construction of the arterial, which also displaced many homes and business when it was constructed. This new trail opens up this exciting patch of land and makes it much easier for non-vehicular traffic to navigate this part of the city.

There are few areas with more natural beauty than the median of Franklin Arterial. I hear it will even be a great place to see urban wildlife such as squirrels, seagulls, and panhandlers. Here's an aerial view of the area. As you can see in the center of this Google satellite view, work has already progressed on the trail.

I look forward to traversing this new scenic urban trail upon completion (Note to readers - it would be dangerous to use the trial before it is completed due to the high-speed traffic on either side of the trail).