Saturday, April 24, 2010

B&M Baked Beans Sign

After posting this in February I was contacted by someone who seems to work for the company's hired PR firm with a press release about the new sign. The new sign was put up in March, so I'm a little late to post a picture of it but it was worth the wait since it looks pretty nice.

From the press release:

B&M, a Portland, Maine institution since 1867, built its landmark facility at its present site on Casco Bay in 1913. The prominent B&M sign was blown down during a wind storm in 2009. The new sign will be illuminated with LED lights, and has been designed to utilize only 25% of the energy that the old sign consumed.

Also, the Great Maine Bike Swap is this Sunday at the USM Sullivan Gym from 10am-2pm. I went last year and it was a swell event. I volunteered to take some pictures of the event this year, so say hi if you see me.

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