Thursday, September 24, 2009

Modern West End Home

I'm no architecture buff, so I think this is style of home is considered modern, but do not quote me or hold it against me if I am completely wrong.

This house, whatever style it may be, is pretty unique and is on Clark Street in the West End. I dug around for some information such as who the architect is and whether it has been featured in any magazines (particularly Dwell), but no luck. Maybe it was built by the homeowner?

Site Announcement

No big news, just wanted to mention that I removed all of the advertisements from the site and the feed. It was a good experiment and was easy to set-up, but not the best option for me or you (the readers). This blog obviously isn't designed to be a big money maker, but I am switching to more of a content based revenue model, as in selling photographs (what a novel idea for a photography blog!) You may have noticed the link on the right to my Etsy shop and in the future I will get a nice looking CafePress site implemented as well. Not all of the photos here are postcard worthy (that would get boring) but occasionally I post one that looked nice printed.

And also on the topic of the blog's RSS feed, any comments or concerns there? I don't use the tool but provide it and the number of readers for the feed is larger than the number of hits to the site. Let me know how it can improve!