Friday, December 5, 2008

This is a call

I am now accepting suggestions for a new blog name.

The current name isn't too bad since this is a blog about "Portland, Maine" and there are photos but I would like to get away from the 'daily' part. There are times when I post every day and times when I take a little break so I feel like 'daily photo' is a bit misleading to the audience.

Also, I don't want to mimic several other fine local blogs which cover some news and opinion, but...I would like to do a little more than just post photos too. I still like taking photos and will definitely remain the Daily Photo community.

Guidelines for a new name:
  • It would be good to have Portland somewhere in the title
  • Should be easy to spell
  • Be memorable was (still is?) having a good sale on domains (not that they are more than $9 a year to begin with) and I recently registered but don't know if I want to do something else with that or use it for this blog. I think I would most like that to be something else.

So, any ideas? Maybe I should have bought some prizes.