Sunday, January 27, 2008

City by the Bay

The new Intermed (a local healthcare company) building rises in the Bayside Neighborhood, with the Whole Foods marketplace in the foreground. A brief introduction to Bayside....
"This is one of the oldest neighborhoods on the peninsula dating back to the early 1800's. It grew along with the expansion of the railroad into Portland and later became an industrial location which is why it now is considered a prime area for "brownfields" redevelopment. At one time Bayside housed mostly blue collar workers who walked to work at the areas factories. From the 1950's to date most of the housing and factories have been destroyed in Bayside and much of this property is now used as parking lots by the city's workforce. "

The Intermed building sits across the way from the somewhat recently built 5-story AAA (American Automobile Association) Northern New England headquarters and more recently completed 4-story Gorham Savings Bank building. Next to the Intermed building, construction is also well underway on the Bayside Student Housing complex. All very nice developments!

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