Friday, November 22, 2013

Dark Star

Here is an animated photo showing the message on the Time & Temperature building from last night (it was promoting a concert at the State Theater):


  1. Love it! The show was fun too.

  2. How did you do this picture? The motion part?


    1. Hi there. This image is comprised of two photos. One shot has the sign saying "Dark" and the next a couple seconds later when it said "Star." Of course the cars and other things in the image would have moved between photos, so in order to just focus on the Time & Temp sign I cut and pasted just the sign from the second image onto a copy of the first image. Then the two images were combined into animated .gif file (there are a bunch of sites that automate the process for you, just search for something like "gif maker.") Make sense? Maybe I could put together some sort of a tutorial in the future.