Monday, August 13, 2012

Not the Front Entrance: Part 2

This is the second part of my unacclaimed series in which I document the back entrances to some of Portland's food purveyors. Here is part one, in case you missed it.  These images are not meant to disrespect these establishments, but merely aim to provide a view that most people don't see. 

Pai Men Miyake, 188 State Street.

Next door, behind Petite Jacqueline. 190 State Street.

(This was taken before it closed) Simple Sandwich, 5 Data Street. 


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  2. Hi Corey, I have taken some photos of the service entrance of some eateries that weigh heavily as to whether I would eat there. These are not too bad at all, but if you continue this series you will find some that are a mess. John

  3. Thanks for the comments, Anonymous and John! I agree, the back-entrance photos I've taken so far have been quite flattering. I try to be positive on this blog so if I came across a terribly unsanitary entrance I would probably not post it here (but I would share it elsewhere).