Sunday, March 27, 2011

Portland Daily Photo on Flickr

Quite a while ago I started a flickr group called Portland Maine Daily Photo. The idea was to invite people to share Flickr photos in this group that they would like to have featured on this blog. I participate in a few other Flickr groups that do a similar thing (the group or our local HillyTown flickr group for instance). Anyhow, I guess the idea passed because once I set up my group I didn't mention it to anyone. A couple weeks ago adventphotography added a few photos to my group, so here is one. Thanks for sharing!

© Adventphotography via Flickr
If you Flickr and would like to share a photo with readers of this blog, feel free to add a photo or two to my Group. The fine print:

If you have a photo of Portland, Maine and would like to share it on my blog, please share it here. I will credit you accordingly if your image is used and I will link it back to your Flickr account. You will retain all rights to your photos. Unfortunately I can't provide any monetary rewards, but perhaps you will get a few extra visitors to your photostream and some comments!

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