Friday, August 27, 2010

Bayside Reflecting Pool

Despite the lack of financial or other resources, I have decided to boldly propose the construction of a reflecting pool in Portland's Bayside neighborhood. This spot, at the  corner of Somerset and Chestnut  Streets, is where the city in recent years has stored snow that has been cleared from roads and sidewalks downtown during the winter months. It is also right next to the newly christened Bayside Trail. Since there is an almost perpetual puddle here, why not make it into something better? I envision something like the pool at the Christian Science Center in Boston or maybe the big one in the Washington, D.C. It would lure new development to the area and provide a peaceful retreat for anyone passing by this happening area.

Skyline peeking over some buildings in the area:

*The bit about the reflecting pool was sarcasm, but I do like reflecting pools. Portland could use more fountains and other water fixtures I think.

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